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Weddings in the Time of a Pandemic

Since the world was hit with a global pandemic, the wedding industry has not been the same. The measures taken to protect our communities from the spread of COVID-19 has changed the way that events can be held. 

At the beginning, it seemed like the postponement of events was the current trend, but with no end to the restrictions in the foreseeable future, people seem to agree that life must go on.  And one thing we have learned is you cannot stop love!

We at Elegant Events are in the business of celebration and have developed creative ways to work within the government restrictions to allow our events to still take place.  We have created mini and micro wedding packages for our brides and grooms. 

A mini wedding serves 50 or fewer guests, while a micro wedding is 20 or less. However, we know that traditional weddings can be upwards of 10xs that guest list, so we have options for live streaming events, so that your loved ones far and near do not have to miss out on your special day.

We are currently booking brides and grooms for weddings within the 2020 and 2021 calendar years.  We’d love to discuss in further detail how we can help make your wedding truly unforgettable even within the current state of the pandemic.

Please call or email to get more details.


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