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Signature Cocktails//Choosing the Right One For Your Event

When planning events, one of the largest costs can be serving adult drinks - yes, we mean alcohol - to your guests. The cost of an open bar can range depending on the options that you provide. For example, having an open bar with premium liquors will run you a higher tab than one with well drinks. If you are working on a budget, there are several ways that you can cut down on this cost. One option is to offer beer and wine only. Many couples opt for this as a cost saver, but still want something a little more exciting to offer their guests and a signature cocktail can be just that ticket. Or perhaps, it is not a cost issue at all, but you’d like something unique to offer your guests reflective of the couple hosting the event.

So, what is a signature cocktail? It is a predetermined drink that you offer your guests at your event. Often the drink is somehow tied into the theme of the event. Perhaps it is a cocktail that is reflective of where the couple will be honeymooning? Let’s say a French 57 for the couple jetsetting to Paris after their nuptials. Or maybe, the couple offers two varieties of cocktails to their guests - one representing each partner’s personality. Is one of the pair bubbly and effervescent? Then a Gin Fizz may be an ideal fit. Maybe, on the other hand, the partner of this bubbly individual is more of a traditionalist and chooses to have an Old Fashion to represent their character.

Another way to choose a signature cocktail is by the theme of the event. Perhaps you are having a party set in the roaring 20’s. A Gimlet or Manhattan may perfectly suit your event. Or perhaps your wedding is the same weekend as the Kentucky Derby and so a Mint Julep may be quite fitting. The season in which your event falls can also guide your drink choice. Options for the fall may include a Hot Spiked Apple Cider or a Pumpkin Spice Martini, while in the spring you may look for something a bit more refreshing such as a Mojito.

Another factor to think about, which may affect budget, is whether or not each drink has to be hand crafted or can be made ahead of time and ready to serve. To save money, or time, you could always opt to have premade batches of the cocktail. Margaritas and various Rum Punches make perfect premade serve yourself signature cocktails.

Despite what the reason is behind the signature cocktail (budget or just for fun), it is certainly a wonderful way to add a fun personal touch to the bar’s selection. Providing guests with signs explaining the drink(s) offered can help tie in the selection as well. Whatever you do, have fun and use your creativity when selecting your drink. And if you are having trouble tying your selection into your event, reach out to your event planner or a friend for help. We would love to have the opportunity to work with you on your next event!


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