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The Gift of Giving - Finding the Perfect Favor For Your Guests

With Thanksgiving only a day away, we have gratitude and giving on the brain, so we decided that discussing event favors for your guests would be a perfect topic for this month.

When hosting a large event, like a wedding, it is often customary to provide the guest with some sort of gift or favor as a token of the hosts’ appreciation for their attendance. This is in no way a requirement, but it is a fun tradition that people often choose to follow as a token of thanks to their guests. Depending on the type of event and the budget of the affair gifts can range dramatically, which could leave the host scratching their heads and wondering what would make the perfect favor for their attendees.

First off, you need to consider your guest list size and your budget. For larger corporate events swag bags or larger gifts may be appropriate, especially if event sponsors contribute items to hand out to the guests, but for the average wedding, the gift itself is merely a token, typically averaging $2-3 per guest. This is not a large amount and therefore creativity often plays a role in the decision.

We advise that the gift you provide be a reflection of you - or tied into the theme of the evening. Perhaps your wedding is rustic chic and held outdoors or at a local barn, so customized matchbooks with the your names and a tagline of “the perfect match” tied with a plaid ribbon would be well suited for our event. Or maybe you are having a roaring 20’s party, and so you leave the guests with a small bottle of single serve booze to commemorate the end of prohibition. Or give a bag of specialty nuts with a little tag that says “We’re nuts about each other”. Don’t be afraid to be kitschy! The gifts should be fun and come from a place of gratitude.

Smaller and more intimate events, may lead you to increase your budget or time you can spend on each gift, so it could be, that a bag filled with handmade or specialty treats for you guests would make the perfect thank you gift. Customized sunglasses, shot glasses, and candles are also quite popular ways to provide your guests with memorabilia commemorating your event.

Perhaps a tangible item does not feel right and you’d like something more minimalistic. A wonderful way to provide a gift that also gives back is to make a donation to an organization near and dear to your heart in honor of your friends and family. Simply provide each guest with a note stating that in lieu of traditional favors a donation has been made in their name to the charity of your choice. This is a great way to honor your loved ones and to make a positive impact on those less fortunate.

Additionally, to avoid confusion, be clear to whether you are providing one gift per individual or one gift per couple. You can chose to have the item at the table setting, by the seating cards, or offered on the way out as they exit.

Luckily, now a days, you are only one Pinterest search away from finding inspiration that may spark the perfect idea for your very own gratitude favors. And we are always here to help too!


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