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Tis the Season For Holiday Party Planning

September is coming to an end and you can almost smell the pumpkin spice in the air. What does that mean? The holidays are just around the corner. As soon as you see the pumpkin spice lattes in the windows of Starbucks you know the seasons are approaching, and fast! It may seem too early to start planning for your holiday festivities, but let us assure you - it is not!

Whether it is planning your holiday wedding, a corporate party, an in-home gathering, or just holiday displays and lights, Elegant Events can help you execute the most spectacular event and decor!

Having a plan is important when preparing for your event. Whether you take a traditional approach on the holiday or decide on a creative theme, knowing your end goal can help you take the steps needed to pull off a great event.

Let’s explore a few ideas that may provide you some inspiration for this holiday season.

Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays and there are many themes that go hand in hand, but to stand out we suggest that you focus on one element to help build out your event. Perhaps your theme will be a “Rustic Christmas” and your decor will have elements of nature mixed into the traditional red and green coloring. Using natural cut wood pieces, pine cones, christmas trees, cranberry and popcorn garland, and plaids, you can really play up the rustic charm. Once this theme is set, it will be easier to think of smaller details - like wrapping your gifts in kraft paper with a jute tie or using poinsettias as your flower of choice. Check out our inspiration board for ideas.

Or maybe you celebrate Hanukkah, but are not into the traditional yellow and blue color scheme. Perhaps shifting the color scheme gently to a gold and navy and then focusing on playing up the lighting and menorahs to highlight the festival of lights as your main focus. Using higher end gold colored menorahs will help keep your festivities upscale and elegant. Table linens in navy and gold accents will help pull off this look. Our inspiration board showcase a few of our ideas.

And speaking of a festival of lights, let’s not forget the Hindu celebration, Diwali, which is quickly approaching. To celebrate this victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance, we know we have to incorporate lots of beautiful lights again. The main colors that seem to be associated with Diwali are red and gold, but that does not mean that we have to limit ourselves to those colors. Bringing in various colored lanterns, linens, candles, and flowers can bring even more life to this already festive occasion. Indian events are known for their integration of color and vibrancy of celebration, so bringing color to a Diwali celebration in conjunction with the multitude of lights will ensure decor success. Check out our idea board for the Diwali festivities.

So, whether it be Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, or any other various holiday you celebrate, remember that the traditional colors, flowers, and icons of that holiday maybe all you need for inspiration - but don’t be too scared to put your own twist on it.

And for those of you who don’t have the time or energy for the DIY version of these events and would like to make sure your event is a showstopper, Elegant Events would love to work with you! There are no events too big or too small, so please reach out to discuss what type of event we can help you host. PLUS, mention this blog post and you will receive 10% off your holiday booking! We look forward to talking with you.


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