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Uplighting // A Total Transformation

There are many strategies event designers use to alter the basic ballroom or event area into an elegant and unique space for their clients. Techniques include draping linens and utilizing furniture, decor, and floral arrangements. One technique that we believe stands out above all others in truly transforming a space is an approach called uplighting.

Uplighting is a technique in which high powered LED lights are used to create various lighting effects. One common lighting effect is to use various colors, either static or changing, and projecte the light upwards, typically on the ceiling or up a wall to alter the color of the space. Intelligent lighting and pattern lighting can also be used in order to personalize a space with certain designs, logos, or monograms. In addition, directional lighting or pin light is often used to emphasize centerpieces or focal points in a room’s design, helping to draw your attention towards specific design elements.

So, what was once a bland beige ballroom can be completely made over to reflect the client and designer’s vision bringing the ambience to a whole new level. Perhaps the room has been transformed into an underwater aquarium theme or simply reflective of a more cohesive color theme. Uplighting provides a cost efficient way to transform a space, making it uniquely yours.

If you are interested in learning more about uplighting and how it can be used to enhance your next event, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss further.


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